Why we’re all about biodiversity

As we learn more about the way humans are negatively impacting the environment creating species loss at an unprecedented rate it becomes clear that gardeners have an important role to play in preserving and encouraging biodiversity.

We must learn and move away from gardening practices which can be harmful to the environment and whilst our gardens may look a bit different in the future they will be contributing positively to the wellbeing of the earth. So how can you help? Small steps like reducing the frequency between mowing, leaving un mown patches (many European parks already employ this practice), creating logs and leaf piles to rot naturally thus providing the space and nutrients that are needed for a diverse array of species. All of these are minimal tweaks needed for a healthy planet.

Learning to change the way we see gardens and gardening will take time but it is needed to be successful gardeners! After all, our plants need pollinators. It is important to encourage and provide habitat for pollinators, creatures that release the nutrients from garden waste and provide and provide sustenance for large animals like birds. This ecosystem actively supports the growth of healthy crops and the creation of life giving soil.

Anne-Marie Steyn has given a series of successful talks to many districts demonstrating simple ways in which biodiversity can be encouraged within your own garden or community. There is information below that covers everything from indigenous species to plant to encourage biodiversity to the simple projects you can undertake to make your garden what sustainable in the future.

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